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Shruti dating a young star? Age: 51 Ever since her divorce from Bruce Willis, Demi Moore has dated younger men! Shruti's name is linked to many of her co stars and many thought she will enter into wedlock with Siddharth. However nothing materialised and now it is coming out that she is dating a young actor.

Dating young star clusters in starburst galaxy M82 Gemini It began with Ashton Kutcher who is sixteen years her junior and, since their marriage broke up, Moore has been spotted in the company of a several different young men, one of them being Lindsay Lohan’s ex Harry Morton. Fure 2 Cluster age astronomers assembled key data for the largest sample of young extragalactic star clusters to date.

Dr. Lars Bildsten, ITP, Dating Young Stars with Lithium As of 2014, Moore has been seen frolicking in Mexico in the company of 27-year-old Sean Friday. Dating Young Stars with Lithium Burning. Dr. Lars Bildsten, ITP.

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